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30 County Drive
Laconia, NH 3246

Medicare Rating

  • Overall Rating
  • Health Inspection
  • Quality Management
  • Staffing
  • Nurse Staffing


Fines, Penalties, and Complaints

  • None Number of Fines
  • None Total Ammount of Fines in Dollars
  • None Total Penalties
  • None Substantiated Complaints
  • 1 Facility Reported Incidents
  • None Payment Denials


Bed Status

Quality Overview

Nursing home quality measures come from Belknap County Nursing Home resident assessment data that nursing homes routinely collect on the residents at specified intervals during their stay. These measures assess the Belknap County Nursing Home resident's physical and clinical conditions and abilities, as well as preferences and life care wishes. These assessment data have been converted to develop quality measures that give consumers another source of information that shows how well Belknap County Nursing Home is caring for their resident's physical and clinical needs

These quality measures were selected because they are important. They show ways in which nursing homes are different from one another. There are things that nursing homes can do to improve their quality measure percentages. The quality measures have been validated and are based on the best research currently available.

Quality MeasureFacility ScoreNational Average


Deficiency History

Each nursing home that provides services to people with Medicare or Medicaid is required to make the results of its last full inspection available at the nursing home for the public to review. If an inspection team finds that a nursing home doesn't meet a specific standard, it issues a deficiency citation. The federal government may impose penalties on nursing homes for serious deficiencies or for deficiencies that the nursing home fails to correct for a long period of time. For example, Medicare may assess a fine, deny payment to the nursing home, assign a temporary manager, or install a state monitor.

These inspections assess whether the nursing home meets certain "minimum" standards. If a nursing home has no deficiencies, it means that it met the minimum standards at the time of the inspection. Inspections don't identify nursing homes that give outstanding care.

While reading these reports, keep in mind that the quality of a nursing home may get much better or much worse in a short period of time. These changes can occur when a nursing home's administrator or ownership changes, or when a nursing home's finances suddenly change.

Survey Date Survey Type Scope



Belknap County Nursing Home is a Government - County nursing home




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